#Web Designer #infographics #wireframes – Málaga – SP

As a Web Designer, you will be a key role in working with management, engineers, and operations
throughout all stages of various projects on design related items. Your work will involve designing user
interfaces, logos, and print media that will proactively iterate with feedback from various stakeholders
and users.
● Collaborate with team members to create impactful visual designs, and user interfaces for a
variety of interactive media formats (websites, flyers, HTML emails, art catalogs, print media,
● Solve user goals through simple workflows of UI wireframes or mock-ups.
● Translate analytical data into readily consumable infographics and design elements.
● Work closely with various stakeholders to translate requirements / feedback into the next
iteration of design.
● Ask the right questions to help define ideas into requirements.
● Prioritize projects, communicates progress, and meet milestones and deadlines.
● Establish design patterns and create common interface components to promote consistency
and reuse across solutions.
● Solid knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (image editing, logo design, typography, brand identity)
and Illustrator/InDesign (banners, flyers, layouts of catalogs and publications).
● Experience designing and building products and features on the web.
● HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge; current on the latest responsive design techniques.
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
● Experience working in an Agile environment, particularly Scrum.
● Excellent portfolio or website that can demonstrate previous successful projects executed