Android SDK no tiene secretos para ti. Mándanos tu CV a

MALAGA – PTA 30K – 42K
We are looking for a talented developer with solid knowledge of Java and Android SDK’s to join our digital development team in an Android developer role.

Digital app developers are responsible for building native applications across multiple platforms, with a heavy focus on usability and speed. They are solid engineers that find something magical about solving problems with elegant but simple solutions.

You have deep knowledge of OOP and design patterns and are a good problem solver with attention to detail and critical thinking skills. You will be responsible for maintaining existing Android codebases and developing new features and products whilst working with developers from other platforms to ensure a unified set of features.


You are:

•Experienced: You have a proven track record in Android development and are familiar, and comfortable with, using the Android SDK and relevant toolsets. You have good knowledge of Android design principles – Activity Stack, Intents, Receivers, Fragments, etc. You have experience in consuming RESTful JSON API’s and working with real time data.

•An agile practitioner: You love to work in an agile product development, using practices such as Scrum and Kanban.

•A good communicator: You communicate well with both technical and non-technical staff, across distributed teams and local departments.

•A keen learner: You are able to adapt to new, complex development environments and stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

•Hands on, passionate, persistent, creative, and humble. You get things done.

You will:

•Develop and code native Android applications.

•Build applications that focus on great user experience.

•Translate technical requirements into elegant code solutions.

•Play a key role in the full development cycle and direction of future sets.

•Take feature requests and user stories from a range of different business owners and translate them into a set of re-usable components.

•Participate and/or take ownership over the internal software features, from requirements gathering, to design and implementation, to production deployment.

•Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchal, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued.

El proceso de selección es absolutamente confidencial.