Techical Project Manager #PM – Málaga – Spain

Para compañía californiana en Málaga buscamos un Technical PM.

The ideal candidate will be able to manage the development of
specific projects while simultaneously applying their technical knowledge and skills to
improve on the project. They will take opportunities to challenge themselves and further
their knowledge in a highly energized, fast-paced, and innovative environment. The ideal
candidate will care deeply about design, user experience, and writing perfect code. The
Technical Project Manager will be able to work closely with our design and product teams to
translate wireframes and specs into fully functional, easy-to-use, responsive products across
various devices. The Technical Project Manager will also be responsible for taking ideas and
drafting the development specifications for new projects.
The Technical Project manager performs a wide range of duties including some or all of the
● Communicate and define the scope of the project with senior management
● Create a detailed work plan identifying the needs of the project and steps to achieve
the successful completion of the project
● Monitor the progress of the project and communicate and resolve roadblocks
● Organize technical material and specifications and complete documentation
according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and
● Maintain clear records and files of work and revisions of specified projects
● Edit, standardize, and make changes to material prepared by Development and
Design teams
● Create diagrams and charts for inclusion in development specifications
● Engineer a superior user experience for our web properties
● Design and develop front end code to seamlessly integrate with back end code
● Work with and maintain existing JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, CSS, and HTML code
● Follow and promote UI/UX best practices and current web standards
● Work alongside other team members on projects, integrate with their roles, and
understand what is expected of the various roles on projects
● Bachelor’s degree in related field
● Experience with project management
● Experience in technical writing
● Knowledge of web standards and protocols
● 1+ years developing front end code on high-traffic consumer websites
● Extensive experience with JavaScript
● Experience with Backbone, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS
● Familiarity with agile development methodologies, particularly Scrum
● Familiarity with distributed version control systems, particularly git
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Ability to adapt and pick up new techniques and technologies
● Ability to work individually or in a team to beat right deadlines
● Experience with Scrum
● Experience with git
● Experience with JavaScript testing frameworks such as Selenium
● A passion for continued learning
● A habit for keeping up with the latest technology trends in web development and
UI/UX development.

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